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#Lahore has some very cool people. We also have cool bots that can read chats and (with a sophisticated algorithm) compiles a summary about who are the most popular chatters of #Lahore. Science BABY!

This section of #Lahore website is basically the Hall Of Fame. So if you find your nick here, consider yourself famous.

Hall of Fame July 2020

Top10 by (words) Wailay Nicks are: 1. LikeIcare(53532) 2. Marlboroman(49522) 3. CopS(47062) 4. Muskan_(40061) 5. Aay(28744) 6. Iam2GuD(23945) 7. PakiMaN(23545) 8. harley-(22822) 9. Racer(22266) 10. Galvarino(18551)

Hall of Fame June 2020

LikeICare, BaZiGer, Sleeping_Beauty

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